July 14, 2024

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Teacher’s Day 

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By: Lara Palmer 

Many teachers have a reason they began teaching in the first place. On the first Tuesday of the first full week in May, the holiday of Teacher’s Day is set to honor teachers and educators from all over. Due to this wonderful day, three teachers were asked why they became a teacher, and what their favorite memory or part of educating is, to get their perspective of the story on teaching others. 

Mrs. Atherton, the cosmetology shop instructor, replied with “I am a life-long learner, and I want to share everything I learn to change the world with the students and help the students reach their goals. There is nothing like watching the students grow in success.” Then, when asked for her favorite memory, she said “My favorite memory from teaching has to be the crazy evening clinics we have and when the students are using their skills and we all have to work as a team to make it a success.” 

Another teacher, Mrs. Moore, was asked why she is a teacher. Her answer was “I always wanted to be a teacher from when I was younger, I just didn’t know what I wanted to teach until 11th grade. I had a math teacher that made learning so fun and the class felt easy to me, so she is the one reason I became a teacher.” Mrs. Moore was also asked about the best part of teaching and said “My favorite part of teaching is when the ‘light bulb’ goes off in a student’s head and they have that ‘ah ha’ moment. It’s great to see the happiness from students when they can understand something.” 

Ms. Simcik was also asked these two questions. For the first one, she replied “What first comes to mind is my love for learning. In the past, there have been so many great teachers who have made a positive impact on my life and have influenced me for the better. Here at Lenape Tech, I hope to pass on that to others. Currently, my class schedule includes Biology and Biology II. My curiosity and love of learning have translated well to the sciences. I also truly enjoy the content I teach.” Secondly, she answered the question about her favorite part when instructing students. “My favorite part of teaching is seeing students having ‘ah ha’ moments when they understand something. Completing labs is also a fun part of my job.” 

No matter what subject or topic they teach, these educators clearly love their job and enjoy helping students and sharing what they know. This day is a perfect reason to celebrate people just like this, who find joy in what they do. Teacher’s Day is certainly the time for students to say just how much they appreciate their teachers and educators throughout schools. 

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