July 14, 2024

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Assemblies to Celebrate 

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By, Olivia Carney 

Assemblies are something that most students look forward to getting out of class for a few periods. It’s nice to get a break from work and learn something educational. Each year students look forward to these two mains assemblies. Anything Goes Assembly and Pie Day. 

Pie Day is an event to look forward to in March. Teachers will volunteer to get pied in the face, and students can buy tickets to be chosen to do so. The tickets will have the students’ names written on them, and they will be put in envelopes with the teacher’s name. Then on the day of the assembly some lucky students will be randomly picked out of the envelope to pie the teacher they chose in the face. Not all teachers like to take part in this activity, so students can only vote for those who have volunteered. When asked “Why do you volunteer each year?” Mrs. Betts stated, “I volunteer because I know the students enjoy throwing a pie at my face.” Although Mrs. Betts had to choose the type of pie that would be thrown in her face it would be strawberry. When questioned about her favorite pie she stated, “My favorite type of pie is strawberry.” 

At Anything Goes Assembly students of each shop can sign up to play games against other shops. A group of teachers will also volunteer to play against the students. This assembly holds participation for all. It is usually held before winter break kicks off.  Last year there was a variety of games that students could play against each other like Toung of War. When interviewed on,” What games did you play?” Noah (a student at Lenape Tech) stated,” Tug of War and the relay race.” Students can also participate in games that have prizes. Last year there was a mullet contest. The student with the most cheers from the audience when showcasing their mullet won a cash prize. Noah said, “My favorite part of the assembly was the mullet contest.” 

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