June 25, 2024

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Summer Travel 

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Tips for traveling 

By: Joseph Kachur  

  Summer vacations are a thing that many people go on over the summer to go out and enjoy themselves. Even though most people go on summer vacations every year, most have trouble finding the perfect vacation spot. Some places can offer more than others and may stand out amongst the rest of the selection. As a result, some may narrow down their choices to those options. Though for most people the right travel location may be too expensive, and that as well adds additional factors onto the board of decisions financially. Though most people would just pay the extra money, some people cannot afford to pay the extra cash and settle for a cheaper vacation. 

Around 85% of people go on vacation a year.Those are both things that people would have to watch out for when planning for a good summer location. Though only 16% of people had not gone on vacation due to the rising inflation around the world. Only about 12% of people had chosen to cancel their vacations, because of the soaring prices.two people were interviewed to give information on what or what not to do when planning a summer travel, or vacation spot. first interview Audrey Green, had said that the first time that she had went on vacation it was on an island in the Caribbean. Audrey also said that she had gone through a travel agency that had helped her tremendously with where the best places were, and the best prices to fit her budget. Although my other interview Matthew Kachur told me he had not gone through a travel agency but booked and planned it himself. Matthew said that “I think it was cheaper than going through a travel agency.” Also, Matthew had said that, he feels as if going through a travel agency costs more, because of the cost of the fees to the company, rather than him planning it himself.  

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Ireland: https://www.goaheadtours.com/guided-tours/ireland-for-solo-travelers  

For one example of going through a travel agency rather than booking yourself is that you will not need to pay the service fees that come with the cost of going through a travel agency. Though when going through a travel agency the time of getting everything done is about cut in half if you book it yourself. It is also said that when booking yourself. It causes a lot of stress on the individual or individuals that are booking the vacation, but if gone through a travel agency that stress would be avoided all together. Finally, it is said that when booking a vacation on your own, it is known to be a better experience. Travel agencies like to try and persuade others to go somewhere more expensive, and or worse, so that they get more money. 

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