June 25, 2024

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Must See New Movies In 2023   

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By Erik Minteer 

Movies are a very large part of entertainment, no matter if its action or horror, there are films for just about everyone to watch and enjoy. After a great Summer filled with good movies, the end of 2023 is bound to have more good films.  

Saw X, the sequel and prequel to the first two Saw movies, is about a Sickened John Kramer. He has cancer and travels to Mexico to receive treatment only to realize he has been set up and trapped. Now John is the victim instead of the assailant. The movie is set to release September 29th. After being interviewed about the saw series, Nick Toy said, “I have not seen it sadly, but I would watch it.” and Dylan Gadley said “It’s good, I watched it with my dad.” 

The Creator. This movie takes place in a war between humanity and artificial intelligence. The main character is an ex-Special Forces agent who has lost his wife. He sets out to destroy the creator of artificial intelligence with his team and destroy its weapons only to find that his enemy is a child with the mind of an AI. This movie is also set to release September 29th

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, The sequel to the 2018 Aquaman. Jason Momoa returns to his role as the super hero Aquaman. After an ancient power is unleashed, Aquaman must protect the city of Atlantis from its destruction. The current release date is set for December 20th

These three movies are some of the most anticipated movies for the end of 2023 and viewers are very excited to see their favorite series continue. 

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