July 14, 2024

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Crime Rates 

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By Kris lynch 

In the last couple of years crimes have been spiking and falling to dangerous levels. This concerns certain states because it can affect mortality rates. It can also greatly affect housing costs and how many people live in a state. Colorado housing costs are down by 15% from last year due to high crime rates. Here are a few more crime statistics for this year.  

Earlier this year there was a 20% drop-in homicide rates. In the Mid-Atlantic regions of the United States automotive theft skyrocketed by 105% than the previous year (counciloncj.org). There was also a rise in non-residential burglaries by around 5 percent in most areas of the country. In a more positive light assault related crime are down by around 7%. From 2021 reports, around 300 billion dollars (about $920 per person in the US) were used to fund police and law officials around the country. In Pennsylvania, the government contributed 9 billion dollars (about $28 per person in the US) on legal funding for law enforcement. Going into effect by the end of the year most states will have an increased legal minimum wage.  

When asking Christian Shuster, Kittanning Fire Fighter, his opinion on the rising crime rates he said, “Personally I think it’s been fairly low rates, I haven’t heard anything too bad lately.” Although the Kittanning crime rates are not all too bad right now that does not mean that country wide crime is not still rising. In the last five years Pennsylvania crime rates have been slowly dropping. When Matthias Ripley in LIET was asked about crime statistics in America he said,” It could be worse.” The state of the world truly could be worse so let us be grateful. 

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