July 14, 2024

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Why Pringles?! Why?! 

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By: Olivia Carney 

In 1968 Pringles (invented by Fredric Baur ,Alexander Liepa, and Gene Wolfe) stacked the shelves of grocery stores all around.  Everybody loves Pringles, they are a snack sensation across the globe with quite the recognizable logo. Although the Pringles logo never stayed consistent, children who grew up in the 2000s know the beloved logo that they grew up with changed.  

From 1967 to 2020 the Pringles logo has sported a very colorful palate. Sometimes a red background, yellow words saying “Pringles,” a white head, black eyes, and the famous brown mustache and luscious hair. Then the frightful year of 2020 arrived and all that was known changed for the worse. It was frightening that the beloved mascot lost all his color, what was once an egg with a magnificent brown mustache and hair. It was now, arguably something out of nightmares. It was all gone; he was now an egg with no hair and a terrifying black caterpillar as a mustache. It was a monstrosity. In this humble ADT student’s opinion why did something so fabulous change? 

When asked Calia Bennett (ADT) what she thought about the new Pringles logo she exclaimed, “Noooooooo” with full force. It wouldn’t be presumptuous to assume that she doesn’t like it.” She also agrees that Pringles should go back to their old logo. Chapman Alexander (ADT) has very different views on the Pringles logo. When showed a picture of the new logo, he was appalled by the changes. Chapman gave a very long story on his opinion on the matter. “The executives of Pringles, what have they done? They shaved my boy’s hair, they recolored his mustache, what have they done?” 

The logo has gone through many changes, and an outrage has occurred. Pringles fans can only hope for a change, a change of the new logo to go back to the old, but at least the delicious flavor has remained.


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