June 14, 2024

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New Year’s Traditions 

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By Lara Palmer 

To bring in the New Year, many places and people have different customs and traditions. Across the globe, the New Year’s Eve celebrations are something to bring luck for the people in the coming year.   

In Spain, at the stroke of midnight, citizens eat 12 grapes to signify good luck for each month of the year. In Denmark, people throw old plates and glasses against doors to banish the bad spirits. In Australia and other places such as Brazil and France, the sky is lit up with fireworks to welcome in the new year. 

People in the United States have varied ideas of celebration as well, due to the country being a collection of many different cultures. Though, there are some traditions that are commonly recognized for being American.  

In Times Square, New York City, millions of people gather around their TVs or in the square itself to watch a ball drop at midnight. It was originally an idea to keep from setting off fireworks in the city.  

Ms. Schoen was asked what her traditions for New Year’s Eve are and answered, “We play board games and try to stay awake. One year I stayed up for all the world’s midnights.”  

Mrs. Betts was also asked what her New Year’s Eve plans are and said, “Some traditions that I follow for New Year’s is always eating sauerkraut and kielbasa and having a New Year’s pretzel for good luck! My friends and I have an early New Year’s Eve where we have all the kids come over to celebrate with hats and noisemakers and have a pretend countdown for them. We make a lot of yummy food and play games.” 

New Year’s Eve celebrations and traditions across the world are different and unique, but all have one similar link, a reason to celebrate the coming year and wish good luck on themselves and others. 

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