July 14, 2024

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Activities to Do in Winter 

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By Caleena Rummel  

Free photo: Man Doing Ice Skiing on Snow Field in Shallow Focus ...

With the arrival of Winter coming upon us there are many ways to enjoy the long winter months. As the weather drops, Resorts all through Pennsylvania offer snowboarding, ice skating, and skiing. Belmont Complex has Public skate hours which consist of every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Seven Springs also provides skiing and Snowboarding. When the months start to get colder and ice starts to form, Ice fishing is a fun activity to do in the winter. Although its fun, Ice Fishing should be done cautiously. When wanting to stay inside a warm home, there are many different activities that don’t involve people to leave home. Decorating for the different holidays is exciting and keeps a person busy. If cooking is a talent, making a different variety of holiday cookies or warmed baked good might be the activity to pursue. Winter is also the perfect time for people to watch their favorite holiday movies. When talking to Jazmin Lentz about her favorite winter activity, she replied with, “My favorite winter activity would probably be watching my favorite Christmas movies and drinking hot chocolate.” When talking to current culinary student Laylah Rhine, about her favorite winter activity, Laylah replied with “One of the fun parts about winter is staying inside baking some of my favorite Christmas cookies.” In conclusion with winter coming in fast here are some enjoyable activities to do as the season starts to change. 

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