July 14, 2024

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Good Friday  

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By Laylah Rhine 


Good Friday is a very important and crucial day for Christians. They believe it is the second-most important day in history. On this day, Jesus willingly suffered and died by crucifixion as the ultimate sacrifice for everyone’s sins. Most people wonder why it is considered a good day and called Good Friday when it resembles Jesus getting crucified, but it is called this because it commemorates the day that He traded places for everyone so that could have a spot in heaven waiting for them. In Germany, this day is referred to as Karfreitag or “Sorrowful Friday.” When asked about Good Friday, Hailey Mergen said, “I know that Good Friday is the day that Jesus was crucified and that just a few days later he rose from the dead.” In English the origin of the word “Good” is wondered by most if it was originated from an older name “God’s Friday.” When interviewing Evelynn Baker about what she knows about Good Friday, she said, “I was raised Catholic and participated in Lent growing up, so every Friday 40 days before Good Friday I was not allowed to eat meat and I had to give up something for the 40 days, since Jesus fasted for 40 days.” Many different cultures and types of people celebrate Good Friday in different types of ways. Some don’t even know what Good Friday is, but an estimation is that about 63% of the United States identify as a Christian.  

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