July 14, 2024

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History of Music Festivals   

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By Erik Minteer 

Concerts have always been one of the most enjoyed events around the world for a very long time and there is no end in sight for them. Having ground shattering bass or a slick guitar solo will always attract a crowd. Unfortunately, these events end as fast as they start. 

In the 1800’s, concerts were just starting to emerge with marching bands and festivals. In 1952 the very first concert festival occurred under the name of the Newport Jazz Festival and nine years later the National Jazz and Blues Festival was born. Since then there has been a major increase in concerts and music alone.  

Before these events, music had been a very small part of festivals, but never was the complete focus of the event. In modern times there are more concerts than festivals. Music festivals can also be considered community events or even as parties.  

Examples of these events in recent history are:  

  1. Coachella 
  1. Summerfest 
  1. Rock in Rio 

After being interviewed on the concerts students have wanted to see, Nick Toy (C.I.T.) said “I would like to see NickleBack.” Erik Zak (LEIT) says, “I want to see Snoop Dog.” 

For larger bands around 144 live shows occur in the United States each year. For the smaller and lesser known bands, they could have an uncountable number of performances due to shows at open mic nights and local bars. A large number of these performances are not advertised and can be difficult to find. 

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