July 14, 2024

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Covid Safe Costumes

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Costume ideas to keep everyone safe this year 

By: Jade Smith 

Halloween is just around the corner, bringing with it lots of trick-or-treaters. However, with the concerns of Covid-19, is there a way to keep this tradition going while keeping everyone safe? Well there is.  Many websites on the internet have come up with many ideas for “Covid safe costumes” that people can wear. Here are some Covid safe costume ideas so that one can still trick-or-treat while being safe.  

     To keep one safe this year while trick-or-treating, it is recommended that one should wear a face mask. Costume masks are not a substitute for a protective face mask and should not be worn over a face mask because of health concerns.  Try dressing up as a doctor, or surgeon. Both have to wear masks, so putting on a medical face mask would not ruin the costume. “We’re going as masked superheroes,” says Ms. Kirsch, who spoke about her and her son’s Halloween plans.  Nichol Schawl said, “My friends and I are going as a masked biker gang.”  Remember, one can always decorate their mask too. If one is going as a cat or dog, draw some whiskers on the mask to bring out the costume. The Invisible man is also an option to dress up as since ones’ face is covered in cloth with the costume. 

     Just because ones’ face is covered does not mean they should not follow social distancing guidelines. Make sure to not travel in large groups this year and stay six feet apart.  Try to avoid large crowds if possible and sanitize one’s hands often. If, and most importantly, if one feels sick, do not go out and stay home. Have a happy Halloween this year and stay safe. 

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