May 26, 2024

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Secret Santa

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By: Chloe Parton

December is just around the corner and what better way to welcome it then Secret Santa. Secret Santa has been around for years. If one doesn’t know how it works this article explains.

There’s a wish list of gift ideas and everyone is assigned a certain person, and what they wanted. Once the present is opened they try to guess who the secret Santa was. It’s been a Christmas classic, and guessing is just as fun as receiving the gift. This can be done anywhere or with whoever. A lot of times this is done in school, work places, and friend groups.

Here are some gift wishlists you could do with your friends or family. Remember it doesn’t have to be expensive, these are a list of ideas under $25 .

A mini humidifier, a poster in a frame, candles, Christmas tree ornaments, a journal or notebook, socks, mittens, scarves, hats, mug, candy, homemade cookies, portable diffuser, slippers, blankets, portable charger, card games, skin care, and so much more.

Secret Santa this year might be different due to the current situation. Due to social distancing there’s going to have to be different ways of being a Secret Santa . One can mail gifts to people or drop them off on a porch.

One could meet up with people somewhere and stay 6 ft apart and still trade gifts. I think that as the pandemic slows down this is the better option to keep the tradition of secret Santa.

This year will bring new ways of giving gifts, it’ll bring out creativity in people, hopefully we’ll still keep the Secret Santa traditions going.

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