June 14, 2024

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Spring Cleaning by Nichol Schawl

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Spring is here and so is spring cleaning! Time to clean out those drawers that got stuffed all winter long. Cleaning out office drawers or any at home is not something people like to do often, so once a year is the perfect time to do it.
If cleaning everything in one day does not sound like fun, make a little bit of time every day for a week. There is less to clean in a day but there is still something that could be cleaned. In the Netflix series, The Office, there is an episode about Spring cleaning. Although they don’t like doing it Jim still found something that he couldn’t find for so long. Spring cleaning is all about finding things that might have been lost in the workplace or even drawers at home that are never touched.
Some things to clean during Spring cleaning could be:
Clean dust-off ceiling fans and lights
Clean windowsills
Get those cobwebs forming in the corners
Test batteries in smoke detectors
Disinfect doorknobs, cabinets, and light switches
Senior at Lenape Tech, Lauren Emminger, says “I think it’s nice to have a fresh start in Spring.” If new leaves are forming after a winter season, it is definitely a new start to a year.
Although lots of people do not like to clean, it has to happen at some point. This does not mean it has to happen during Spring, but most people choose to clean then. Choose a time that works and go from there. Happy cleaning!

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