June 14, 2024

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Summer Bucket List 

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By: Sydnee Petruzzi 

The summer is as good a time as any to go out and have some fun. Schools are out taking the responsibility of turning in assignments on time and studying off the shoulders of all students to just let loose and have some fun. Summer is a wonderful time for people who enjoy the outdoors because there are many more activities to do than there are in the cold winter months.  

For instance, some people enjoy hiking. Maybe getting up early and going on a nice hike will help productivity throughout the day. People may also decide they want to sleep in later than they would if it were a normal school week. Maybe grab a few friends and go on a picnic together. Go to the nearest park or field and have lunch together. Some might decide to kick back and relax in their own backyard with a good book and a cold beverage. Spend quality time with friends and family around a campfire. It would be a great time to make S’mores. Many will plan a vacation to different sights and landmarks, or they could go to an amusement park or the beach. The possibilities are endless. Some may miss the fast-paced lifestyle and decide to volunteer somewhere. A fantastic way to keep busy. County fairs are also a fun time. Have some fun riding rides and eating fair food.  

Summer is a time for no stress and fun. It is time for people to do as they want without worrying about what they must do the next day. There are many more fun things to do during the summer season.  

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