May 25, 2024

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Rifle Season 2023 

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By Laylah Rhine 

Thanksgiving is a very popular holiday, but in Pennsylvania it is also known as the beginning of Rifle Season. Rifle season starts on November 26th and ends on December 10th, but there are also other seasons that you can hunt in such as archery, muzzleloader, special firearms, and trapping. When hunting there are specific rules hunters must follow to ensure that they will have a safe and successful hunting season. When a hunter is entering the woods, they must be wearing at least 250 square inches of daylight fluorescent orange on the back and front of their body. A hunter must be wearing this for safety because there may be other hunters in the woods that could mistake them for a deer and fire at them. Although during archery season it is not a requirement to wear orange while hunting. Some hunters put feeders out for the deer, but it is a required law that the feeders must be completely removed 30 days prior to when the season starts. When asked what she likes most about rifle season, Caleena Rummel replied, “I look forward to rifle season because it gives me time to bond with my dad and spend time outside and not trapped in the house.” A couple of unlawful things do to in Pennsylvania while hunting are hunting from a vehicle unless handicapped, shooting at wildlife on a public road and firing across the road unless the hunter is high enough to make sure there is no danger to passing drivers. When Taylor Rhine was interviewed about rifle season she said, “I’m getting so pumped to go hunting and fill my freezer up.” In conclusion, hunters are getting excited and prepared for the upcoming 2023 rifle season. 

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