June 14, 2024

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Butler Light Show 

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By Laylah Rhine 

During the Christmas season a common family tradition is to drive around and look at the Christmas lights people decorated their houses with. Some family’s houses are not as motivated to put up decorations and lights, so not many are put up. So, it may be a disappointment to a family when they head out to look at the lights and don’t get to see many. One popular Christmas light show is the Butler Christmas light show. This light show is located in Butler at the Big Butler Fairgrounds. It takes place daily through November 17th-January 1st. It is open 5:30pm-11pm. This light show is special because as they drive through, they are tuned into a certain radio station and as the lights are blinking, they are coordinated to the songs that are playing on the radio. These songs are not just random Christmas songs that nobody knows, they are songs that every child grew up listening to during the Christmas season. When interviewed about the light show Brooklynn Mayhle said, “I did not want to leave the light show, I could have stayed and sat in those tunnels for the rest of the night.” The cost depends on the car size, a standard car is $30 and a 12-passenger van costs $60. These costs may seem a tad bit expensive, but they guarantee that everyone will have a great time driving through their spectacular light show. When asked if he enjoyed the light show, Jeremy Rhine said, “It was an amazing time that I got to spend with my family, I did not expect to enjoy it as much as I did.” A few other popular Christmas lights that people enjoy seeing is the Hershey Sweet Lights, the Kennywood Holiday lights, or the Ford City Fantasy Lights. In conclusion, Christmas lights are a key part to the Christmas season traditions and the Butler show is worth trying out. 

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