July 14, 2024

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January Wolf Moon     

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By Erik Minteer 

The Wolf Moon is a title given to the full moon during January. The name came from Native American tribes who heard nearby wolves howling at night due to starvation or for natural reasons. Wolves were associated with scarce food and the cold air of winter. 

The Wolf Moon also can be known as the Center Moon meaning that this full moon falls in the middle of the winter season. There are many names for this full moon which can be known as hard moon and cold moon. The reason a full moon occurs is because the moon is positioned at a point where the sun fully illuminates the side of the moon facing earth. This occurs roughly at about once every twenty-eight to thirty days. 

Every few years there can be a thirteenth moon cycle in the calendar. This extra moon cycle is known as a Blue Moon. A blue moon can be caused by volcanic eruption, wildfires, and smoke. Unlike normal moon cycles, a blue moon can not be predicted since it normally follows dangerous weather events. When viewing the moon in different areas around earth there can sometimes be a second blue moon in a year due to highly tropical areas and natural disasters. 

After being interviewed about the moon and its known history, Briar Cessna (LEIT) said, “The moon is pretty cool, I like it’s nicknames.” Dylan Gadley (C.I.T.) says, “I think the moon should go by scientific names,” 

The universe is a very large and unordinary place, but it always will always have its charm and mysteries. 

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