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2021’s Day of Green

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By Mackenzie Delp

Everyone’s windows and homes are filled with green clovers and pots of gold to celebrate for the upcoming holiday St. Patrick’s Day. On the 14th of March people will celebrate Saint Patrick in many ways.

                Even though St. Patrick’s Day is an Irish holiday it is still heavily celebrated in the United States. The Irish Celebrate Saint Patrick on this day even though little is known about the patron of Ireland.

                Celebrations in the United States consist of parades, feasts, and parties. This year may be slightly different however due to the recent pandemic. It is unclear how we will celebrate this lucky holiday, but one thing is for sure, this year the holiday won’t be overshadowed like the previous year. As of October 2020, Pittsburgh already has already planned “Lucky’s St. Patrick’s Day Crawl.” However, if your area doesn’t choose to have a public event there are many things that you can still do at home.

                In place of some public celebrations that are canceled there are many things that you can do to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day at home. One common thing to do is to bake. Some people like to make cupcakes while others prefer cookies but there’s always some way that you can put your own creative twist on it. Other people may prefer to do something that requires a bit less food and for them there’s always crafting. Crafting is one of the most common things to do at home for a holiday. Some different things that you could do is maybe make a wreath or draw pictures with your family. Leprechaun’s, rainbows, and luxurious pots of gold tend to be the star of crafts for St. Patrick’s Day.

Sometimes the best thing to do seems very common. The students at Lenape tech were asked what their favorite thing to do for St. Patrick’s Day was and they had some fun ideas for the holiday. Christian Trinciante said that he normally goes to his aunt’s house for a pig roast. Having small family events is a very common but fun and traditional way to celebrate. Tyler Miller said that he hangs out with his family and friends and they have a small party.

                St. Patrick’s Day celebrations don’t have to consist of leprechauns and pots of gold but one of the most common things that they do include is family.

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