June 25, 2024

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End Littering, start Recycling!

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By Karlyn Kostella

April is keep America beautiful month! This month reminds us of the ways we can improve our environment. Picking up trash anywhere benefits the world, so don’t forget to pick up after yourself and recycle! This especially includes when eating outside, like Lenape students are able to do during warm days.

Don’t forget that small changes have big effects. Transforming graffiti into art murals or planting an urban garden can bring people together in a positive way. There are so many ideas for people to keep America beautiful. Beau Stephens said, “littering is not a good thing, but some people just don’t care so they do it. We can’t do anything about them, but I try to recycle when I can because I really support wildlife, like the turtles.” Alanna Wolf said, “I think littering is a terrible thing and the world could be better if there wasn’t trash almost everywhere; I recycle my bottles.”

Figure out the ways in which you plan on doing your part to help keep the planet free of garbage and destruction.

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