June 14, 2024

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Fun Family Christmas Ideas 

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Fun Things to do with Your Family this Christmas 

By: Joseph Kachur 

Christmas is a season that most of the world celebrates, but some want to take it as an extra step and have a little more fun with the people around them. So, people produce fun little games, or activities to do during the season of Christmas, to make it just that much more special. People who want to take this extra step like to base it off their favorite things such as movies, songs, or even a tradition they have. 

People who make up Christmas games, or activities try to get creative with them. Jingle bell jangle, bell toss, find Rudolph’s nose, pin the Rudolph, and present hunt are some examples. Most of the games that are made have a big back story behind them to bring more fun out of it. Like the game “Pin the Rudolph”, sometimes people try and hide Rudolph around their house, and then find and pin him. Also, the game “present hunt” is to most, a treasure hunt because some people either have multiple presents and some would have to guess which one has the present in it, or it would be a long riddle which sends the player everywhere looking for a lost present for the lucky winner.  

Though these games are not for everyone, some people still want to make Christmas more fun for everyone. So, many try to create a new tradition for their family, like a cookie day, or Christmas trivia night. New traditions do not always work out, though they do not always work out so make sure to make something everyone will like. Similar things were said when interviewed, Logan Green said that “My family has created a tradition where we get together a week before Christmas and play all kinds of fun games.” One game the Logan had said that stuck out though was a game where two people would put something sticky on their nose, and pick up cotton balls, and put them in a cup. After interviewing, Tyler Sanders said that his family always gets together on Christmas at his Grandparents house, and ice skates on their pond, and plays football, and other sports. 

Finally, this year if someone wants to take their Christmas to the next level consider these fun and anticipating games. Also try to make it fun for every player so all can enjoy the holiday fun. Another thing is that even if the game or tradition does not seem to work out do not stop, but try again. 

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