June 14, 2024

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Crafts for the Holiday’s

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Still looking to find something to hang in your house to have a little extra Christmas cheer? Look no further because crafting something is far more special than buying something. Crafting wreaths and ornaments are sure to make someone smile.
Ever see wreaths hanging on someone’s house? Chances are, a family friend or family member might have made that as a gift. For wreaths, a fake one and a real one could be made. If planning on making it last for years to come, then a fake one would be better unless making a new one every year is what sparks one’s desire more. Having a real wreath will die at some point. It would probably die in January or February, but a fake one can last for a few years if kept safely. If looking to make a wreath, one would need either leaves, flowers, or any other type of materials to make a circle shape.
There is no such thing as “too many ornaments on a tree. Running around putting ornaments on the tree as a child or even as an adult is always so much fun. Making one’s own ornaments for friends and family might be the way to always have the tree looking better than everyone else’s. There will not be another ornament like it! At the Kittanning Free Methodist church, Sara Barker and her youth group kids help make little ornaments for the kids in the wintertime. Start by going to a local Walmart, or store, and buying a clear ball. This will make it easier than making a ball. Once getting the ball, paint it. Let the creativity fly and put anything festive on the ball or even put someone’s name with a design. Now this ornament is the best on the tree, and it was made all from one’s own creativity.
These DIY projects are perfect for the holiday’s and nobody will have the same one. Making an ornament or a wreath is sure to have people get into the holiday spirit and having a nice decoration to use for future years.

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