June 25, 2024

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National Coffee Day!

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National Coffee Day 

By: Laney Wolfe 

Statistics say that over 1 billion people all over the world drink coffee daily, making it Americas most common drink. In a 2015 survey it shows that 59% of Americans regularly drink coffee, and 58% of the nation would regularly drink bottled water. National coffee day is a holiday that falls on September 29th. This holiday was created by the National Coffee Association back in 2005. On this day it aims to help many independent coffee shops, and lets people celebrate their love for coffee! It also helps struggling coffee farmers around the world to make a living wage. In the coffee world now, there are so many ways to spice it up a bit. From black coffee all the way to lattes, mochas, espresso, cappuccinos, and most importantly iced coffee. Iced coffee seems to really be the hit now days, with teens and young adults. On this day many coffee shops have exclusive discounts or even offer free coffee, some may even offer different coffee tastings for the people who want to explore the coffee world for example, Starbucks celebrates National Coffee Day with free coffee, and Dunkin offers free coffee with any purchase  The first coffee ever enjoyed was in the 15th century Yemen, the drink became popular in North America in 1773. National Coffee Day is celebrated by so many people across the nation and is coming up soon. Don’t forget to stop at your local coffee shops to see if they have any deals for this wonderful holiday! 

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